Advantages Of PE 100

» Health friendly
Due to its smooth structure, it does not hold dirt, contain toxic materials and resistant against the microorganisms so contact with food was approved by the Ministry of Health No chemical substance is mixed to the water It does not change the odour and taste of the water.

» Long life span
It is resistant against corrosion and frost. They are not refuted or corroded. If laid properly, the life span of the pipe is minimum 50 years.

» Stability
It is resistant against cracking and impacts. As it is connected with forehead or electro-fusion welding method, it provides 100% tightness and performance guarantee.

» Flexibility
Due to its high flexibility capability (minimum %350) it is not broken and adapted to land shape. As it is not affected from earth movements, it can be used under sea, river, lakes, uneven surfaces and earthquake regions.

» Economic
Due to its high mass flow index value, it can respond to the same pressure with 30% less pulp thickness, high inner diameter provides the opportunity to carry more fluid and cost saving. Besides, the pipe can be bend with 25-30 times radius of its own diameter, the number of joints to be used is decreased.

» High resistance against chemicals and sunlight
As it is produced with carbon black additive, it is resistant against the UV lights coming from the sun. It has high resistance against chemicals

» Smooth inner and outer surface
Due to its smooth surface, easy flowing of the fluid is provided and pipe diameter is minimized. Thanks to the optimized pipe diameters, less electric power is consumed in the enterprise.

» Lightness and Easy Laying
It has no installation filter due to easy connection. As the installation period is short, it provides high advantage in locations where the construction season is short and the traffic is intense.

» Easy Repair and Maintenance
The damaged part of the line is cut by pressing from both sides and repaired. In this way the repair is made without cutting of the network water.