Our Quality Policy

» The quality for our organization is to keep the customer satisfaction at highest level by delivering the products which are manufactured according to the standard in due time and under best conditions.

» Our target is to constantly improve our manufacturing and financial performance in competition without domestic and foreign rivals without polluting the environment.

» Reaching more and more customers due to the minimized costs thanks to our faultless and precise production, expanding our product and customer rang day by day and increasing our domestic and foreign market share,

» Training our employees continuously, increasing their knowledge base and personal developments, providing a working environment and motivation to allow them to do their duties with pleasure,

» Creating a hygienic and proper working environment in which the work accidents have been minimized and providing its sustainability,

» Monitoring the innovations of the era and the technology in order to achieve all these targets and implementing the continuous and revised training programs for the employees,

» Providing participation of all personnel in the quality targets devoted to business results and processes and reaching the awareness of “US”.