Our company is paying utmost attention to quality from the procurement of raw material until the packaging stage so out quality control tests are carried out by our chemical engineers completely and periodically according to the concerned standards.

The calibration of the tools in our laboratory is made periodically each year, and the tests are inspected. In parallel to the attention that we pay for our product quality, our company has certified its system quality with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate acquired in

2005 and is continuing its studies in this respect uninterruptedly and with great care. All raw materials purchased from our suppliers are exposed to the Quality Control tests according to the concerned standards of the Turkish Standards Institute. As a result of the manufacturing made with the raw materials found appropriate for production, the samples taken from the production line are exposed to Process Quality Control tests determined by TSE in our laboratory and recorded.


Besides, the products are visually inspected during and after production and inner and outer surface smoothness, colour and brightness are examined. The pulp thickness, weight and length measurements are made periodically and the production is continued under control.

The products granted with quality approval after the tests are packed and labelled. After checking of packages and labels, the products are stored in storage area as ready for shipment. Due to the fact that, Quality – Control tests are available within the organization, the production out of standards is minimized and thus customer satisfaction is provided without ignoring the quality and the faults during shipment are eliminated.

Our accreditation studies under the scope of the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard are still continuing and we are targeting to become accredited from TÜRKAK in the shortest time.