Advantages Of Corrugated Pipe

» Environmentally Friendly

Due its tightness, the waste water and chemicals carried within the pipe shall not leak and pollute the underground waters. Its recycling is 100%.

» Long Life Span

It is resistant against a temperature of 80°C and minimum life span is 50 years.

» High Resistance Against Wearing and Chemicals

The polyethylene raw material shows high resistance against corrosion and erosion so it is an ideal pipe material for long life sewage systems. It is safely used in carriage of solid and acidic mine wastes, and waters mixed with high concentration of fuel and engine oil.

» Smooth Flow Surface

Due to its low friction co efficient, it provides high viscosity speed. The fact that its surface is smooth prevents the section narrowing due to adhesion of the solid particles in the system on inner surface of the pipe and accumulation. Thus the project cost can be decreased thanks to diameter optimization.

» Resistance Against Pressure and Flexibility

With its elastic deformation capability, it is adaptable for ground movements, reforms again and it is deformed. Easy Storing and Carriage with Telescopic Storing Due its lightness and endurance against impacts, no loss is encountered during the shipment and storing. Easy shipment and storing as nestled provides time and cost saving.

» Easy Joint Methods

With its socket or collar types, it can be connected easily in every construction site environments.

» Tightness

In the systems where socket or collar type connecting methods are used, a tightness up to 0,5 bars of pressure is provided. In this way water inlet is prevented from outside to the sewage system where the ground water level is high.

» Easy Laying

Laying speed is more than the other pipe materials due its lightness and as the heavy equipment are needed during the laying process.

» Easy Repair and Maintenance

The fact that the inner surface of the corrugated pipes are manufactured in light colour provide the opportunity to monitor inside the sewage system with camera.